easily Messi and his company… (FUND - 4,45)


World Cup… group stage:

# Difficult to improbable scenario for Australia qualifying for the next phase passes only with a victory (wants a goal difference) and Denmark to lose to France… unacceptable favorite Peru based on image in 27 final attempts failed to score even the goal of honor .

# First point is the draw in Denmark - France both pass a hug in the next phase and play a knockout cross with 2ο and 1ο respectively of 4th group… anyway unheard of will end possible score 0-0,1-1.

# Iceland will try to win with a 2-3 goal difference (in the first phase in order to reach the qualification of an independent result in the other match; with regular rotations Croatia (6 players out) is indifferent in terms of points and has taken a place for the "16".

# Nigeria is running out of time, it is running too fast, it is not turning in general, it is probably time to say goodbye to the tournament;

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Denmark - France
Nigeria - Argentina