Easy afternoon for Courtois… (FUND - 2,62)


A big class difference between Belgium and Tunisia leaves no room for questioning the winner. The North Africans do not have the talent to deal with the "Red Devils", have lost their key goalkeeper from injury and will probably follow the same defensive tactic they chose with England. I predict the Belgians will win and Curtua will have an easy afternoon.

Everything about the victory will be given by the Germans tonight, who are facing the specter of exclusion at the group stage, something that has never happened to them in the post-war years. The Swedes are expected to receive a thunderstorm from the world champions, and they cannot press as successfully as the Mexicans did. In any case Germany is not good, there are rumors of moans inside the team, so we will not see anything spectacular given the race's criticality. I suggest a few goals, at the limit for and over as the most likely scenario.

In the game between Mexico and Korea, Asians are expected to open up to claim something, so given the speed of the Mexicans, Cicardo has a high chance of scoring.

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Belgium - Tunisia
Germany - Sweden

1 & N / G
TG 2-3


Mexico - S.Korea

Hernandez anytime scorer