150 goals scored ...

Sergio Aguero reached the 150 Premier League goals with Manchester City and, with two assists, led the 'Citizens' to a triumph over Southampton, chasing some great records. 'Sergio Aguero is struggling with some foot problems. Not 100% ready. He didn't recover from what happened against the X team and we said we were fighting for about 55-60 minutes. We are lucky to have scored at the right time. ' This is a phrase Pep Guardiola could use at any time for the Argentine striker. In this case, the X team is Newcastle, in a Manchester City match for the Premier League held on 1 September and the Catalan technician used it on 29 September, following Aguero's stunning 2 X goal of Brighton.

This (non) readiness of the 30 international has always been a major factor in Guardiola's plans and is sometimes newsworthy. Like Sunday, in the 6-1 victory over Southampton, when City's technician made his 3 changes… forgetting Aguero on the pitch, resulting in 90 being removed for the first time from 4's Premier League, the game with Newcastle, where he was injured.

It never took him many minutes to get the job done, however. In the less-than-minute Premier League season with City shirt 2013-2014, he has scored 17 times. One year earlier he played 400 more minutes (1.947 vs. 1.538), but scored 12 times. Last year it took about the same minutes (1.969) to score 21 goals in the championship, one more than the 2016-2017, when it played 2.405 minutes.

What matters most and demonstrates what is happening to Aguero is what happened to Etihad. One more day at work, one more goal at goal. Specifically, the 150 number in the Premier League with the same club, with the consequence of becoming the only 3 player in the 26 championship history to reach that number, behind only Thierry Henry with Arsenal (175 in 258 matches) and Wayne Rooney with Manchester United (183 in 393 matches).

Aguero just needed 217 impressions to reach that performance and only Alan Schirer needed fewer games to score 150 goals in the Premier League (212). By comparison, Henry reached that number in 230 games, Andy Cole in 286 and Michael Owen in 323.

The latter ended his career with the goals that Aguero currently has, which made him the 8 top scorer. Coming soon to be Jeremy Defoe (162) and Robbie Fowler (163), followed by Henri (175), Frank Lubbard (177), Cole (187), Rooney (208) and Shire (XNX).

With the calendar pages having just returned in November, Aguero with 7 goals in 11 racing is preparing to overtake one as many of the above players as possible. It plays a catalytic role to fit Guardiola's system, as he reveals with two assists in Rahim Sterling, the young Englishman with 50 goals in the Premier League with Manchester City jersey (at the same time since August, 2015 Aguero has 102).

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