Diameter of opposite diameter ... (TAMEIO - 4,25)


Let's go to Saturday's values:

# High Risk Club Bruges - Ghent Both are on a good moon come from demarages of positive positive results (tricks in the last 10 games) score in the dt.

# Wolfsburg's pick of its performance touched the 10 matches unbeaten but there is fatigue from the European ... harmless except for Unison b. he has forgotten when he last won.

# Under Thorigia, Valladolid scores and concedes goals with a dropper… momentum and tradition over Atletico M. also a tight set will go regularly for the result.

# It's not a negligible amount of Zurich fights at home ... Swiss Cheese Jung Boise's defense (2 / 5 wins) has back-to-back goals easily.

# Highly aggressive sets of St. Gallen and Basel (10 / 10 over) are in full form scoring nonstop and consistently ... statistically we go for goals and spectacles.

# Low on the chart, Star T. is looking to get on the ground (4 / 5 defeats xNUMX-4) urgently needs points ... diametrically the opposite of PAOK is a speed on all lines forced to return to known .

# Final match for Malmo chasing title in Sweden will clear it up with concise procedures ... in prolonged crisis Gothenburg is in recession with no goals nor goals.

# Well-known branch of Olympiacos Mars has a plurality of attack Good offensive transition lags behind Suma ... Olympiacos will go off course with Olympiacos and with a difference of goals.

# Closer to tripod Toronto has bigger motivation with win catching 4η The position is waiting for the most ... 1 defeat at 12 lately Columbus scores as high as possible.

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Asteras Tri. - PAOK
Malmoe - Gothenburg
Aris - Olympiacos



Club Brugge - Gent
St. Gallen - Basel
Toronto - Columbus

goal / goal
goal / goal
goal / goal


Wolfsburg - Union B.
Zuerich - Young Boys
Valladolid - Atletico M.

goal / goal
during 2.5