Seize the opportunity ... (TAMEIO - 6,84)

Asian bet

Good morning,

Olympiacos wants a victory at Mars headquarters at all costs in order to capitalize on the "gifts" of PAOK and AEK.

In addition to the "red-white" match, there are still interesting options that we believe have a good chance of being confirmed.


Mars - Olympiacos with 5% premium * and countless special bets!

We start, as we mentioned before, with the Olympiak match in Thessaloniki against Mars. The Piraeus players are left behind in the standings, however, with the chance to win the lead after PAOK and AEK. They have the quality to get the "double" in "Kleanthis Vikelidis" and we believe that the value of winning the Olympiakos is worth our bet.

We continue with the Italian Championship and Udinese's match against Milan. The Rossoneri have had a number of absences in this match, but remain the favorite for the win. Looking for points, Udinese has not shown anything special so far, so the whole of Gennaro Gattuso has the chance to get another victory, going up the table.

Our latest selection from our current proposals are the many goals in the match against Mainz Werder Bremen. The visitors broke out in the German Cup, however, they had previously suffered a severe defeat with Bayern Leverkusen's 6-2. Mainz believe that will create problems for Werder's defense, which also has aggressive solutions to score in the match.


Aris - Olympiacos
Udinese - Milan
Mainz -Werder Bremen