Outside champions league…

Passing Basel, with two clear wins, PAOK and the big question is certainly not whether to exclude Spartak Moscow. Which, of course, lags behind the European aura compared to the Swiss team. The question that matters is whether PAOK will rise to the top of the Novartis team that won 3-0 outside.

That is the point. If PAOK goes one step further, as the small and medium-sized Kingdom did, it succeeded in overcoming it. To have a seven year presence in the champions league. This is the question for PAOK, which is consistently out of the champions league. The festivities for PAOK's great success in blocking Basel pass. There are failures in Europe that are holding PAOK back.

Basel is likely to return. It is unknown whether PAOK will qualify for the champions league. And if it succeeds, it will remain a constant value in Europe. Yes, it is unknown although there is nothing missing from PAOK. World passionate, rich owner, full roster of football players.

The difference between Basel and PAOK is gravity. Maturity. Contact with reality. PAOK acts as a fugitive, as an unjust, as a hunted. Basel with a cool business philosophy.

Keep in mind that soccer plays the unwritten law of the life cycle. All teams are aware of the racing crisis. And they come back because they know how to act. At least until today, since PAOK was founded, it has been steadily marching outside Europe and in the shadow of the Athens teams. Excess, then, is the PAOK's historical goal, not simply to pass the not-so-superior Spartak Moscow.

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