"I am at Emiliano Hall"


Russian roulette match in Tuba can hang anywhere ... advantage + 6 for PAOK has the best attack in the class with 37 active goals playing for two results and this can cost him. In absolute form Olympiacos (9 / 10 wins) scores a plate game with the tradition over as the last 20 year has only been defeated 4 times. Delicate balances have suspended the work.

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Let's get into Sunday's traffic:

# Heavy climate in Nantes locker room (4 match without victory) "I will play Emiliano Hall" the stadium is expected to be chock full, based on recent image the match will move between ace and over ... in a supporting role Nim just fills in the frame.

# Negative start of Utrecht on 2ο round counts 3 series defeats with 7 passive goals ... form, tradition and motivation converge to Eindhoven's double, it's + 5 runs 8 unbeaten match (6 wins 2 draws) does not lose the league.

# Undeterred, underhanded, Goleacht chasing 2η position on the table ... open behind the scenes Zulte "locked" her stay in the class can not stand up.

# At a safe distance from the relegation zone, Sassuolo plays without any danger, has an extra motivation ... Juventus (+ 9) absolute title favorite, but the outcome of the fight will depend solely on his performance.

# Sevilla clicks on quality and experience with Europa League chasing 4η position is bound to win… home team Aibar has caught the goal of staying unable to threaten.

# Bilbao improved (1 defeat in 8 match) hard to pass San Mamies ... if 2 doesη Barcelona's lethal gale puts Real Madrid in the title bay with what this entails.

# Their 34b. pressed Nice playing bad football hard to get out of Europe… luffy Lyon achieved victory-psychology against Paris running 5 wins in all competitions not losing to 7 outings.

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Nantes - Nimes
Utrecht - Eindhoven
Sevilla - Eibar



Anderlecht - Zulte-Waregem
Sassuolo - Juventus
Nice - Lyon