Emiliano Sala …


Russian roulette in Tumba can “sit” anywhere … advantage +6 for PAOK has the best attack in the category with 37 goals active playing for two results and this can bet him. In absolute terms, Olympiacos (9/10 wins) scoring for slap plays with his surprise as he has been defeated just 4 times in the last 20 years. Thin balances have been shaken by the work.

Let’s go to the main points of Sunday:

# Heavy in Nantes changing room (4 games without win) “I am afraid of Emiliano Sala”, the stadium is expected to be full, based on a recent picture, the match will move between the ace and the over … in a role of support, Nim simply completes the round .

# Negative the beginning of Utrecht in the 2nd round counts 3 consecutive defeats with 7 goals passive … form, tradition and motivation converge to Eindhoven’s double, is at +5 runs 8 matches undefeated (6 wins 2 draws) does not lose the league.

# Without a lagging margin, Anderlecht has been behind the scoring second chase in the table … open to the back Zulte has “locked” her stay in the category can not lift stature.

# In a safe distance from the relegation zone, Sassuolo plays without an ignorance of danger has an extra motivation … absolute favorite for the title Juventus (+9) but the outcome of the match will depend exclusively on its own performance.

# A click on quality and experience the Seville with parallel obligations in the Euroleague League chasing the 4th place is bound to win … headquarters the Eibar has caught the target of staying not able to threaten.

# Clearly improved Bilbao (1 defeat in 8 games) difficult to “pass” San Mames … in the event of a second consecutive lag, Barcelona bounces to the bay of the title Real M. with that implies.

# 34b. Nice played bad football difficult to get out of Europe … Dragon Lyon achieved victory-psychology against Paris runs 5 wins in all competitions does not lose in 7 outings.

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Nantes – Nimes
Utrecht – Eindhoven
Sevilla – Eibar



Anderlecht – Zulte-Waregem
Sassuolo – Juventus
Nice – Lyon