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# Few things the new Buzzer will go for a good show ... without margins of error Lance chasing rise counts 4 series of wins (zero pass) after yesterday's Metz win is called to go beyond.

# Boss of the meeting, Standard after exclusion in Europe "passed" with 3arra from Lockeren headquarters continues in his own tempo ... 4 draws in numerous matches, St. Truden holds tightly has good tradition in Liege.

# One Click on Quality Las Palmas Premiere with Right Wins 2-0 Reus on the Island maintains its tradition of over (14-1-2) ... in general Albacete is better off looking elsewhere.

# Without winning the championship, Altach counts 0-1-4 against Red Bull has the third reason to stand up ... hold Test for Salzburg in Red Star (0-0 in Belgrade) reasons.

# The first round rip-off will be pursued by Corinthians (0-4) Being away from her good self counts 3 lopsided defeats builds tradition in Sao Paulo ... in the deep red Parana runs 7 losers with no goals scored.

# At satisfactory levels the Philadelphia Aussies have reason and value coming from 2 series wins with a total score of 5-0 coming home ... de form New England ignores 7 racing hard to threaten.


Las Palmas - Albacete
Corinthians - Parana
Philadelphia - New England



Beziers - Lens
Standard L. - St.Truiden
Altach - Salzburg

Under 2,5
TG 2-3