RSCA's Nmecha dribling beerschot defenders

Festive bet with aces & goals

Asian bet

Festive bet: Η Antwerp is a class higher than Charleroi. The battle between them is also between the two communities of the country, French-speaking Walloons and Dutch-speaking Flemish. If the team from the big European port has an issue to face, it is the upcoming departure of the Croatian coach from Antwerp Leko. The dollars are waving in front of his eyes by the Chinese. But Charleroi is playing with its top forwards outside. Hard to double, at 1,575 the Asian +0 (essentially 1 DNB) shows a safe choice.

Festive bet: Scores and is "scored" easily Beersot which has a terrible… aversion to draws. With just one "X" in 16 games but also 37 passive goals, more than 2 goals per game, that is. Still she scores and that keeps her in the foam and in six! The ambiguous with Andlerlecht looks like an excellent choice. At 1,61 the yield.

Festive bet: Completely unreliable defensive team Leeds. But also the Burnley is not famous for its ideal offensive harvest, with just 8 goals in 13 games. The match between them will be a battle of two different football logics. And the situation, the constant matches, the fatigue, the absences, the psychological pressure of the occasion and the half-empty Eland Road "push" towards the few goals. At Under 3,5 of 1,65.


Antwerp - Charleroi
Anterlecht - Beerschot G / G
Leeds - Burnley U3,5

1 A / H (+0)
G / G