He came back with wild moods ...


Absolutely closed in yesterday's suggestions 6 / 6 points and overall performance 24,83 ... the numbers speak for themselves.

Manchester United - Tottenham Hotspur 5% *, even better odds and 190 + special bets!

Let's go on Monday:

# Freshman Roma not burdened with obligations to Europe in 'double crossed' from Turin wants to continue at tempo ... Copenhagen Repeat for Europa League Multiply Thinks Atalanta (0-0) Olympic.

# Closed team under Lamia (6 / 7) will play conservatively for the result… Mars 'double' chance pays 3 plus, undefeated in 8 friendly preparation (1 passive goal) Has made significant additions Has returned quality set its place with wild moods.

Lamia - Mars with bet return *, if Eunice scores the first goal of the match.

# The recent defeat at Brighton (3-2) is expected to awaken United's locker room with Mourinho staying in place until a later date ... openly he will find a way to pierce.

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Rome - Atalanta
Lamia - Aris
Man United - Tottenham

goal / goal