On the days of Solskier…

The goal of Pierre Pogba and Manchester United's win over Burnley on Tuesday night was not a goal. With this goal of the French international, the superstar in its composition, United reached the top. In fact, having the same number of games as the champion Liverpool, it leads by three points and the next fortnight will be absolutely crucial for the outcome of the year.

From the day after tomorrow and in 15 days, ie until the end of January, Manchester United will meet Liverpool twice. One for the championship and one for the cup. If Oleg Gunnar Solskj .r manages to bring Jürgen Klopp and his team to a standstill, then he will have taken a decisive step towards a definitive return to the top of English football.

And when we say that United have reached the top, do not look as ordinary as the last decade. No, Manchester is not what Sir Chewing Gum was at the time. To understand what this is about, to realize the magnitude of the achievement, one must note the following awesome: The last time Manchester United drove the Premier League race in January, so deep into the course of the year, was neither a little nor very eight years ago. In the football god you believe in from the time of Ferguson until today, United has never managed to be first in the standings at this time. And not one, not two or three, but enough coaches. And of known value please do not file anything.

On the edge of the bench of the popular team after Ferguson and until the Norwegian killer with the angelic face took over the technical leadership, four coaches sat down. From Dave Moyes, chosen by Sir Chewing gum himself, to United winger Ryan Giggs. And from the strange, quirky, but successful where he worked Dutchman Luis van Hull, to the special one, the one and only Jose Mourinho.

And when of course Exactly two years ago, Solskier took over the technical leadership, the vast majority of United's friends pinned their hopes on him on recovery, but not that they believed it at all. Neither the special weight nor the experience of a team the size of United. Molde is also good, but in any case a Manchester United weighs other tones.

And yet it was written in the days of Solskier, United climbed to the top of the standings again. And now stand out as one of the big favorites to win the title. If he succeeds, no one can discount it. However, Solskier has certainly already managed that the two of the last 6-7 European coaching coaches could not. And this is undoubtedly credited to him.

Here we are So it would be good to note that the francs are not what they command in the Premiership this year. This year is the year of coaches. Solskier, Klopp, Mourinho at Tottenham, why not Carlito Ancelotti at Everton. Pep Guardiola is deliberately not included in the top three. After all, City still have a terrible budget to be managed by their current coach. Not that this is a bad thing, but it's definitely sweet to take a cup, or even claim it, with one of the protagonists being nineteen-year-old Greenwood or the Scotsman McTominey, and another to have bought Marez, Sterling, to have Aguero on the bench. , and De Bruyne. No;

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