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Good evening my friends,

It doesn't offer a lot of options for today's program, we are on the loose, many teams lack pace.

Olympiacos chases discrimination in Europe after the apparent failure to win the championship. He is undefeated in the last 9 home match in the Europa League (5-4-0), this year counts 4 / 5 wins, scoring at least 3 goals in all. Dynamo Kyiv, the last official match on December 13, is coming from a great race. He made mini preparations in Spain with an account of the friendly 2-2-1. Sold out will be the game, all tickets are exhausted.

Sporting Lisbon is back in the league, is in -8 from 2. It will chase the distinction in Europe, having just defeated 1 in its last 6 home match in the Europa League. Villarreal is at -4 from salvation in the championship, we can't know how much weight it will throw in Europe as the ebb stands. It counts just 1 defeats in the last 11 away game in the Europa League.

Bathe Borisov has been making an official match since December when she won PAOK with 1-3, which also gave her the qualification. Arsenal are in full swing, are at -1 from 4 leading to the Champions League of the coming season, of course it can also be done through the Europa League especially when they have on the bench the one who has won the 3 trophy. with Seville.

After two months of inactivity, Malm. Is back in action, hosting Chelsea, where they are superior in all levels. The London team is in -1 from the 4th place, it is one of the favorites to win the trophy. The cauldron that is "boiling" will be the stadium, we believe that the guests will not be affected.

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Olympiacos - Dynamo Kyiv
Sporting CP - Villarreal



BATE Borisov - Arsenal
Malmoe FF - Chelsea