Return Maldini ...

A few days ago disturbed the calm stagnant waters with the acquisition of Gonzalo Higuain and Mattia Caldara from Juventus, however everything shows that Milan is determined to change them… all in view of the new season and to strengthen not only within the four lines but also from outside grass. And what a boost! In fact, this is one of the biggest returns in the history of Italian football, with the athlete-symbol who served for 25 years the "Rossoneri" on the grass, already wearing his suit for a new exciting challenge with the team of his heart.

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Undoubtedly, the reactivation of Maldini is a great success for the new management of the Milanese, with the American owners first bringing back Leonardo and now succeeding in "baking" the legendary Paolo Maldini to deal with the club's public. In fact, their success in convincing him is even greater if one considers that two years ago the former emblematic leader of the "devils" had rejected a similar proposal made to him by the previous administration of Yonghong Li, which he had even blasted through a fierce (open) letter.

Eventually, Maldini's historic return to Milan took shape, with the former captain taking on the role of director of development strategy for the sport. Apparently, Maldini is more confident in the new "American" plan and is ready to lead Milan to new successes. , this time not as a leader of its defense but with a key role in the administrative chart of the great Italian club.

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Manchester United entrusted No. 10 to a child just 20 years old. The responsibility for him is great, especially if one considers that this number was worn in the past by the old glories of the club. The number "10" in football is considered sacred and has become synonymous with spectacle and goals. Prestige and respect. Manchester United have once worn the club's "sacred monsters". From George Best (1972) to Rudd van Nistelrooy and from Teddy Sheringham to David Beckham (96/97).

Now, the number "10" will adorn the jersey of Marcus Rasford. The 20-year-old striker of the "red devils", who has been likened a few times to Cristiano Ronaldo. Talent exists. It remains to "redeem" expectations. A vote of confidence from the management and the coach? Clearly! After all, the "MR10" is considered the biggest asset of the team, while for this year it is estimated by the British media that it will have a full season, full of opportunities from Jose Mourinho.

The last to wear this number at the Manchester club was Zlatan Ibrahimovic on 17/18, who left him "orphaned" after changing his football home and moving to Los Angeles on behalf of the Galaxy.

This year's West Ham he doesn't want to go through last year's and why not go overboard, chasing to be high in the standings. Besides, it has already exceeded 100.000.000 euros in additions with the duo Pelegrini - Usigios in the transfer command. What "bam" are they preparing? Manuel Pellegrini's "hammers" want to present a completely different face this year compared to last year, when they were in danger.

Chilianos has brought Mario Usigios to London in the role of Sports Director and the duo, commanding the transfers, is examining every interesting case that falls on the table. One of them, the big "bang" they want to do in West Ham, is Andre Gomes of Barcelona.

Portugal's agent Jorge Mendes is not welcome at the Camp Nou, as after his transfer from Valencia to Barça for 37.000.000 euros, he failed to spread his talent on the pitch, while he was criticized by its fans. his own team. Former Olympic Sports Director Mario Usigios wants to take advantage of all this.

The 59-year-old Argentine, according to British and Spanish media, has spoken with the footballer and is now preparing to submit a proposal of 40.000.000 euros to bring West Ham the 26-year-old midfielder, of course with the blessings of Ernesto Valverde who is not "burning" ”To hold him. It is worth noting that the "hammers" have already made 8 transfers and the ρού lettuce exceeds 100.000.000 euros!