Back to the difficult ...


Good evening my friends,

We have a comeback after the break for the nationals, we do not know how the teams will react, we go through the safe and select the favorites.

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Leverkusen has a great tradition against Hannover at home, has 10 consecutive wins, 8 with no goals. It is not going well for Hanover, it has 0-1-3 with 4-10 goals. Leverkusen's superior quality, with its headquarters in place, is our ace.

Valencia are not doing well, they have 1-6-1 in 8 matches, only draws at home (0-4-0). Only Legends have lost at home (0-0-4 with 2-8 goals). High quality Valencia, so far has not shown it, hopefully the break has worked for the players.

Basaksehir has a clear lead in today's game against Kayserispor, plays at home, has a home-side tradition (7-2-0), and the visitors will play with significant absences. Selection the ace without however having a decent performance.

We close today's options with a Triple Under 4.5 which however is for low stakes. The teams come from disruption and not knowing how to react to this trio.


Istanbul Basaksehir - Kayserispor
Bayer Leverkusen - Hannover 96
Valencia - Leganes



Real Madrid - Levante
PSV Eindhoven - FC Emmen
Barcelona - Seville

U 4.5
U 4.5
U 4.5