Coming to Carioca ...


Tonight begins the journey of Brazilians who were disappointed with their appearance 4 years ago in front of their compatriots, but appear to be much more nimble and talented as a team than 2014, despite the unpreparedness of their superstar, Neymar. Switzerland is the second favorite on the cards based on its results and ranking σthe FIFA, but I expect the crooks to do a power show at the premiere to terrorize their potential trophy rivals. I see a half-time win over Celeso.

Costa Rica did surprisingly well in previous Mundial thanks to good inhibitory of course, and of course, Kaylor Nava, but in the last few games she has not shown consistent stability. Serbia, on the other hand, is easily scoring in its last games, despite its shortcomings in pure blood, but it does not end up being an unpredictable and unreliable team. I believe that, if serious, the Serbs are more likely than the Swiss to take second place in the group. In any case, I see a very strong match, given the temperament of both opponents, so I see Serbia accept at least 2 yellow cards, with the possibility of seeing the first red card in the World today.


Costa Rica - Serbia
Brazil - Switzerland

Serbia O1.5 cards