Project Aneli ...

In the time of Antonio Conte, that is, at the time when Anneli was coming to the House of Commons to shout about the need to upgrade Italian football in order to reduce his distance from the other European football markets and thus create the prospect of returning and on the final tracks of the European Betting events. Realizing at the time that Anneli, a guy who hadn't shut down the 40, had big thoughts and visions of realism he was trying to convince those around him. You did not know whether or not his plans had realistic assumptions about the amount of investment that Juventus would have to make to grow again, in terms of racing and corporate, to return to the European elite. Today, about 4-5 years later, Anneli puts the evidence side by side. Lady's racing size has changed through a constant upgrade of her roster, which she achieves without disturbing the financial balance to the point where she catches the eye of UEFA over violations at the Financial Fair Play.

Value for money investment

Last July, when it decided to spend about 100 million to buy Christian Ronaldo, it was clear that this was a value for money investment, through which Juventus would achieve a bunch of business goals thanks to the added weight of its brand name. Suddenly, Juventus drew the attention of the world-class football industry, acquiring one of the two most recognizable football players on the planet, and the one with the highest penetration rates among the masses of consumers. It was clear that this worldwide attention was worth more than 100 million. Will it be a positive influence for Juventus or will it become an unsolved problem for Max Allegri, similar to what Danny Alves put in his initial stance on the Italian coach's demands for participation and in the phase defense and not just the attack phase. This question has not yet been answered, but the sample of Juventus' performance at Old Trafford on Tuesday night was proof that the Allegri-Ronaldo partnership is currently in place, and that the Italian coach is now succeeding in creating the season. prospect of Juventus returning to the top of Europe. Because it was a team show with the skills and the prospect of winning the Champions League.

They hid the ball in the first half

Doubts about whether and whether United are competitive, namely a big-league squad in this year's Champions League, are the only reason to hold a reservation about the true weight of this appearance made by Juventus. At any rate, however, we are discussing a Juve visit to Old Trafford. And this comfort, which stems from her great superiority over United, was remarkable. This "we hid the ball in the first half" comment that Jose Mourinho made after the game is completely substantiated by the numbers. Juventus kept the ball at 67%, precisely in the touchdowns that touched the perfect (92%). And at the same time it was running more than United (55,4 km, 52,2 or United) with rapid transitions from the defense phase to the offensive phase and vice versa. The passing game of Juventus 'goal-scoring phase comes from the Guardiola team's repertoire: safe transfers, constant movement, until the defenders' minds are tired and make the mistake of leaving space or giving up. aisle for the final stage of game development.

A sample of Allegri's timeless ability

Juventus played football with ease. And then, in the second half, when United tried to react and attack, Juve defended with the comfort of a Lady. It may sound exaggerated "Kielini and Bonucci can teach Harvard how to play defense," but on Tuesday night, that comment was no exaggeration. Juventus has never lost its concentration and cohesion, it has given yet another example of Allegri's long-standing ability to close the vise and block the way to his home.

In the Champions League hunt.

Adding to the above the absence of Mantzukic and Centira, Chan, leads to the estimation that Alegri has more than enough roster in his hands to combine Italian championship with Champions League hunting. And Allegri's public stance gives the impression that the Italian is preparing for his third time in the final with greater demands - both from the team and from himself. If Juventus arrives at such comfortable victories in major European headquarters at the time of Ronaldo's familiarity and training the rest to play with him, where will his game come when this new racing model has matured. Judging from Ronaldo's willingness to join the defense at Old Trafford, one can only conclude that the only concern Aneli and Allegri may have today is about Portugal's judicial rape adventure "And the effect it can have on Christian's psyche. If all this history does not hurt Ronaldo, Juventus are likely to take off with him.