Bayern reminded the German national in the 2014 World Cup. The unforgettable 7-1 in Belo Horizonte. How does it feel to digest, you tell me, such a Brazilian crash inside her house. Seven, huh? In fact, seven. The crime was committed and you still do not believe it.

So, Bayern, on Tuesday, yesterday, pulled a bogey seven in Tottenham. To the European finalist, please, and to London in the middle. And I think Olympiacos is likely to suffer just as bad.

To beat the German team, Tottenham came on the field and grabbed seven pieces. What will Olympiacos do in Munich, and what in Karaiskaki? He will play to avoid losing, right? To lose, but not with a heavy, not a scoring score, maybe. You have to do with a German team, one that more than ever expresses in the grass the Hitlerism, the Nazism, the SS. Don't imagine that Bayern give black soccer shirts too.

The optimist will think that once comes seven. With the bard, I say, after the first bar fell, what reason would the next one not have. The last time they met Olympiacos and Bayern, again in a champions league group, 2015, the Germans broke up seven. They defeated 3-0 in Olympics in Karaiskakis and 4-0 in Munich.

Well. It's not that big of a loss to lose a team of seven and its bad guys, if ... it's in the program. Zor and never after recovering is when he never expected, such a thunder in his head never imagined. Bayern without 7-2 causes nightmares. Iligs. Trembling. How can one class below have its balances when it comes time to tackle a viper with a language that removes seven different poisons?