He broke the counters…

From where he was at risk of being relegated due to "FFP", Lille found himself in a season earning a net profit of 100 million from the transfers, followed by the 80 million he received from Arsenal for Pepe.

Marcelo Bielsa had gone badly and had taken Lille to court (ed: it was ultimately him who paid above). The club was struggling financially and mostly financially. After being saved from the relegation scandal, they were at risk of losing the category because of the Financial Fair Play. The regulations in France and their enforcement are even stricter than those of UEFA. And the Liluas had found themselves seeking revenue either through sponsorship or through sales, just under 50 million. Otherwise they would fall.

In December, 2017 found Christophe Galtier on the bench and it was he who did his utmost to change everything in the club to vote for the top coach in Sampson. The French coach helped make the right adjustments to the roster, leading him to the 2 position and the Champions League, but mainly added good value to his players, with the club taking advantage of the season and from where he owed and was in danger, having found a super amount in his funds.

It's been seven years since Eden Azar, with his 22 goals, 15 assists and superb actions, forced Chelsea to pay 35 million to get him out of the Metropolitan. That was by far Lille's most expensive sale. By the time this summer the counters have broken and are approaching 150 million in player concession revenue. Arsenal took care of the new record with the acquisition of Nicolas Pepe and the 80 million he sent to the French funds.

And before the confirmation of the 24-time Ivorian extremist, the Lilo had already sold dearly. Especially what happened on Thursday, a few hours earlier than Pepe, with Rafael Leo is amazing. They got him free last year, scored eight goals and sold him to AC Milan for 30 million. , Aston Villa). Once the huge deal with Pepe is completed, the revenue will be exactly 22 million.

This is an amazing number for such a club, which on the other hand has spent about 1/3 of them to strengthen and has done so with young people, who also hope to sell musk in the future. In the attack he invested in the 20-year-old Nigerian, Victor Osimen and in the 19-year-old son of Georges Weah, Timothy. With the exception of the experienced midfielder from Rennes, Benjamin Andre, those who were bought are between 18 and 24 years old, showing that Lille may have weakened in view of her adventure in the… sheet, but on the other hand she will start circulating the new "story" this year. »Across Europe.

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