Oeste's character…


Cheerleader in the ubiquitous burqa lens, the team's friendly preparation just fills the frame.

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Here are some of Saturday's top picks:

# Strong in front of its audience, Coritiba (6-1-0 ter.10-2) image base has the first reason for the three-pointer… out of place and time Sao Bento -after the change of its coach- in the last 5 games has posted just 1 point (zero assets).

# Oeste has a 3/4 winning streak with its defense having been violated once; in a free fall for 1 months now, Peisandou in the last 2,5 has managed to celebrate against Boa.

# Criterion the home-away behavior of the teams gives a relative lead in Houston (5 wins and 1 draw) το non-existent offensively Dallas has an issue in scoring.

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Coritiba - Sao Bento
Oeste FC - Paysandu
Houston - Dallas


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