Spanish national team… in crisis

If diplomacy is the art of allowing the other to do yours, in Real they did everything perfectly. But this is only for their own benefit. As the story progressed, Hulen Lopetegi not only told YES, but was already on the side of Florentino Perez, who didn't have to wait for the World Cup to end. He will have his new coach unexpectedly early to start planning the new season from now on. From then on, however, they caused the chaos of all time. And the point is, what about the Spanish National.

The Bulls are experiencing their biggest spell and an unprecedented upset. And we're not just talking about a good team, but one of the 3-4 big mug favorites. The big question is whether the president of the Federation did the right thing, who clearly warmly ordered the dismissal of the country's electorate. Luis Rubialles explained that he had been informed of the Madrillen deal with Lopetigi just three minutes before Real's announcement and considered it a move blasphemous to the National Postseason.

The truth is that Peretz could have found the secret with the coach and not all that bad happened. Nobody would know it until the latter's obligations on Russian stadiums were fulfilled. It could also have briefed the president, arranged for them to be completely covered. In the way that happened, Rubyales was exposed and instinctively expected to react spasmodically and thus incorrectly.

Perez made a mistake, Rubyales made a mistake and Spain is the loser. Fernando Hierro, who has taken over, will fight to calm things down and let his players play. And wherever it takes them. Sure, the climate is awful and the team has been playing in the automatic since the Louis Aragon era. The problem is not racing. It's about feeling. Indicative is the rumor circulated by a famous television show (Chiringuito). According to him, Pique at the last moment separated Sergio Ramos and Rubyales before they were captured. They may be exaggerations, but they are indicative of the dominant grip.

However, Rubiales received enormous pressure from all the anti-Madrid teams, in order to reach the dismissal of Lopetegui. This makes his apparent mistake to chase him even bigger. He should have understood that Lopetegui could not say NO to this unique opportunity presented out of nowhere in his career, to take over the top club in the world. He just could not refuse. So, the best move would be to silently understand the data, to lower the tones, not to succumb. Or maybe not;

What the ordinary fan does not know, especially outside Spain, is that when Rubials recently took over from Jose Maria Villar (he went to prison), what he clearly stated was that No. 1 in the Federation will be transparency and ethics. As the case unfolded, he could not go against his own declarations. So he preferred to stay true to what he had said and in the end to face the internationals who wanted the coach to stay.

After all, Lopetegi could work at the World Cup easily and then take over Real if it had been announced. He would have been reasonably allowed to do so even if they had been renewed a few weeks earlier by 2020. As Luis Aragon did in Spain at 2008 (Fenerbahce), Luis van Halal with the Netherlands at 2014 (Man United) or even Antonio Conte at EURO 16 with Italy (Chelsea). The question, therefore, is not whether he could work in the World Cup, as announced by the Madrilen. The mistake lies in the way that Peretz handled it and even Lopetzky himself, who is like the National, the losers of the case.