Europa League 2…

UEFA is ready to shake the waters of international football, after the champions League and Europe League, has in the "hull" a third inter-club event! One… "Europe League 2 " that is, in which the "second" and "third" speed teams from most European championships will essentially participate. The confirmation came from the European Football Federation itself.

Specifically, the head of UEFA events, Andrea Anneli, said: “The green light has been given to create a third event, which will increase the number of clubs in 96 from the season 2021-2022. The current model needs modernization. "

The changes, once the plan is approved, will affect the next round, as it changes with European events. Specifically, they will cover the 2021-2024 three-year period, with UEFA aiming at completing the current TV rights agreements and concluding new ones, which will include the third event.

The new event will be ranked third in the hierarchy and will consist of 32 teams. This will bring down the Europa League, which from 48 finalists will now have 32, but will not affect the Champions League, which will continue to run with 32 clubs.

There are two reasons behind the restructuring being prepared by the UEFA committee. The first is to improve the image of the Europa League in order to increase its marketability. At UEFA they think they can make more money from television, find more sponsors and attract a larger crowd if they make this product more attractive.

The presence of 48 teams, many of them from smaller leagues with a small fan base or weak TV power, limits the potential of the event. On the contrary, a Europa League that will follow in the footsteps of the Champions League in terms of elitism will improve.

The second reason concerns the smaller countries, especially Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, which will find an easier way out of international competitions through the new tournament, as long as the Europa League begins to close its "doors". It is no coincidence, after all, that the original proposal submitted by football players was not the creation of a third tournament, but an increase in Europa League teams from 48 to 64, so that all UEFA member states are satisfied.