European Super League…

Ο virus Covid-19% it has not only irreparably affected human life, but also the economy of the planet and, of course, that of the (big) microcosm of football.

There are three reasons why Florentine Perez and Real Madrid, as well as eleven other very powerful clubs, have declared open war on UEFA and the Leagues, threatening the stability of football, both at home and at European level (coronavirus losses, higher revenue from the Champions League and its negative stance UEFA) with a common element, of course, money.

Its twelve founding associations European Incredibly League (Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Juventus, Inter, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Milan, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Tottenham and Chelsea), only for the first quarter of the pandemic, they had losses of order of EUR 1,5 billion, without even taking into account the losses of Liverpool, since the English club has not announced them.

No fans on the pitch, without all the accessories of their presence, with "unique" income the television rights and the sponsorships, with the height of the latter having fallen and these also due to the absence of the people the clubs are eagerly looking for a way to repair (gradually) this huge loss and, according to the plan of the European Super League, their annual income from their participation in this closed League can be up to double, in relation to the Champions League.

The organizing authority of ESL claims that it has secured, with the support of the American financial institution JP Morgan, amount financing four billion euros to distribute it among the participants, with the lion's share going to the twelve founding clubs and the three to be added to the founding group.

It is estimated that each club will spend time, simply by participating in the group stage, an amount that will reach 180 million euros and will exceed 200, in case of winning the trophy.

At the same time, his last winners Champions League reached a total revenue of up to 110 million euros. In short, participating in ESL alone will bring in more money to a team than a CL champion.

In addition to these revenues, however, the 12 + 3 founding members will share, with the signing of the agreement, other 3,5 billions of euros (maximum about 350 million per club), which it is obliged to use in infrastructure, development programs, academies and, of course, to limit the damage from the impact of the pandemic.

The new, closed event, of course, has as its main beneficiaries the 15 founding clubs and not the five that will be added each year, in order to form the phase of the two groups, with ten teams each.

Under the plan, therefore, the five "additional" groups will have no say in the decisions that will be taken, will be excluded from a 15% of the commercial income of the new event, but also from 50% of the total capital, which is calculated annually at 1,8 , XNUMX billion euros!

In short, among the 12 + 3 founding members, only the six (who have not leaked) will receive the maximum of 350 million euros per year.

In her announcement for the European Super League, the usually formal UEFA uses the expression «enough is enough». That is enough. And this has to do with the constant retreats made by the European confederation to the "wants" of the strongest teams since the late 80s.

UEFA accepted the increase of the games, in order to gain the teams and other income, but obviously these were not judged enough, since the coronavirus pandemic brought very big losses, which of course the European confederation is not in the mood (and obviously the possibility) to cover.

At the same time, the FIFA issued a light announcement and called for "cooperation and dialogue for the good and solidarity of football". The reason for this attitude? The consent of the clubs for the creation of the enlarged, very ambitious Club World Cup, the big dream of the president Gianni Infantino.

That is, the Champions League and the Europa League, that is, lose much of their shine (and revenue) without the twelve founding teams of the European Super League. These teams, on the other hand, cannot survive without participating in the domestic leagues, based on the threat of the Leagues.

FIFAFinally, a World Cup cannot be imagined without the participation of players from the big teams, since they are the "barkers" in these competitions, something that also applies to the European Championship.