Six vs salvation!


Η Huddersfield continues to take steps backwards due to its mediocre defensive line. And it has countless problems for another game. THE Bournemouth is still recording a series of victories and has already hit the top six. Stanislas also returns and has no serious problems other than Cook. The double at 1,80.

Η Rotherham was a good game against Huddersfield and got a point in a absolutely crucial week for the stay battle he gives. Complete in the "match station" with the indifferent score CPR who neither looks up anymore, nor worries about the slightest thing. The DNB ace at 1,83.

Even on its broadcast from Wigan the Doncaster scored. He succeeds in the goal, but he also accepts it easily. He faces, no, one Bertone who does not have the slightest anxiety nor has she learned to give or be given the slightest. The ambiguous at 1,78.


Huntersfield - Bournemouth
Rotherham - QPR
Doncaster - Burton

G / G