Sixteen Gijon…


Have a good month of health above all!

Let's go to Saturday's top picks:

Fiorentina - Juventus with bet return *, enhanced performance * and live alerts.

# In the middle of the scoreboard, Fiorentina being undefeated at home counts 5 draws in a row (7 series under) which means ... by far the best team in the Juventus squad is playing without an opponent leaving 8b. will clean it up with concise procedures.

# Málaga's lead over home and delivery maintains its absolute inside (7-0-0 pcs. 7-1) features granite defense ... an equally competitive whole Granada will hit it straight and boldly. Coverage on 2-3 Goals.

# Seconds Apollo S. in 11 matches has just won 1b. just fills in the frame ... 2th in the ranking Atromitos is 5b. from top to bottom championship he plays inside out for the win.

# Completely duplicate the Antwerp - St. Truyden couple base image will have a goal in hand ... both moving within the first 5 team table have gaps in the back post scoring as much as possible.

# Strong in her stadium Gijón comes from a victory against psychology in Granada goes for the sixth, but in the last 19 has lost only 1 time ... cozy away from the Canaries Tenerife does not score a goal with a goal.

# Annette's over-the-top 19 delivery has only lost 1 times, it's a better team to prove it and in practice ... marginally in the zone Caen has scored the 6 racing goal.


Apollon S. - Atromitos
Angers - Caen
Gijon - Tenerife



Fiorentina - Juventus
Malaga - Granada
Antwerp - St.Truiden

TG 2-3
goal / goal