European standards…

There are also ... popular voices in the name of ... democracy and pluralism and poor teams in ... football! Why, the champions league advocates are complaining that the smaller teams are excluded. Why did UEFA do it and did it differently? Greece or Albania need to have two opponents to qualify for the clubs.

Well! These nostalgists of the never-before-mentioned European Championships are carnival populists. They are not interested in the product, which for the sake of what we say is not football, but the soccer spectacle, but only the democratic… sensibilities of the ass.

The point, gentlemen, is not to give ... equal opportunities eg. to Olympiacos and AEK or some other team, according to European standards, but served as spectacularly as possible on the pitch with high 90 minute football action capable of captivating the viewer. This is the point.

Hundreds of times a group of Greek or Irish, Bulgarian or Danish get the chance, one life will be the same! PAOK, for example, undisputed champion of Greece, what is it doing in the european league 2018-19, not in the senior champions league? Six games suffered 5 defeats! The two, in fact, in Tuba, from lower rivals.

I'm European, mainstream populists, and I enjoy football. I'm not a cashier to wait as Greeks or Norwegians, Romanians or Scotsmen to feel national pride with my teammate if she does ... surprise. With football destroying the superior opponent's creativity. I am Greek or Turkish, Portuguese or Hungarian and I do not want to feel unmoved by my government, not to be ... justified by the ball. Hello.