Fake backdrop…

He doesn't have one in his pocket, but he realizes he is rich, skilful and with bank deposits. What the hell is that? Take it out every day with beans and think his lady is serving milk to the bird's table. Be 17 years old and look for a haircut on Ronaldo's look from the Litsa neighborhood studio.

He finished the Olympics 1 - 1 in Burnley (photo) and the batsmen threw it in the… festivities. Amazing! Wasn't it on the court? It was and was. No, they didn't see that their team looked like a sack of crap. And they didn't see it.

And the English fans in the end betrayed their players. Despite the exclusion. Why; Because they love their team. Because they love football. Because what they are waiting for is the militancy of the players. Anyone who wears the shirt with the club's badge will give it their all. Try until the last minute. The result does not matter. The victory, the qualification. Failure, exclusion.

But Gavros, like any Greek blind fanatic, stands in the way. Only. Let the pustular victory come. Dirty. With the help of arbitration. Because of the opponent's line. The group is small, but after God has fallen asleep and has achieved results, it becomes large and huge.

God damn it up to the rematch with Benfica. Who caught him in the sky he found. In the stars. Unhappy. And just after two hours, from time to time, it became a corpse. Knock out. Everything around him became different. All changed.

Aurakz, AEK at the bottom of the 32 champions league list. In our paparazzi. We live the dream, they say. We are not told by a lot of atheists among us. The mass of strokes. Like the overwhelming majority of Olympic fans and fans, they have no mob behavior. But come on, the culture of fanatics is coming to the fore. The media communicate with him.

I've said it from that angle. The gambler, I say especially for him without many kilometers, accepts the organized assault of opinion makers of the calamity who have an open daily daravari with the cab of the platform. And they create a fake backdrop that blurs reality.

The lottery was made in the europa league and the 16 groups of the four groups were formed. What about PAOK and Olympiacos? What would you say to any of your opponents if they were to fall! Greek teams are, let's not forget. They're not going to get the cup, for a while they go and the more a few make the pants, the better.

Two former Champions League holders will be on the road to Olympiacos and PAOK in the Europa League groupings. "Biceps of the North" will be in the 12 group with Chelsea, BATE Borisov of Belarus and Videoton of Hungary found in the AEK event.

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