Fan ID…

"We're at the top of Olympus now and that had to be done," says Moschovitis Huligan, who played a leading role in the 2016 Euro. "When we are good, no one will remember us. When we are bad, everybody remembers us, "is a typical ataka. An English fan who had fought in Iraq says the experience of the conflict with them was more frightening than in the war. Organized, sober, with many hours in the gym and tactics training, are the elements that distinguish them, according to Jeff Pearson, a researcher at the University of Manchester.

The spy thriller that started between England and Russia has a natural impact on the World. The Israeli Foreign Ministry has warned Britons living or visiting Russia that they may experience "anti-British sentiment or harassment" over the poisoning case of Sergei Skripal. That warning heightened existing fears about the World Cup, with Teresa May temporarily throwing the World Cup boycott on the table.

However, Vladimir Putin does not in any way want his country's sacrifices for a spectacular World Cup to be overshadowed by serious episodes. In a very difficult time for Russia's economy, Tsar managed to find resources for the top World Cup! He knows well that the West will have his eyes on Russia, so he is determined to dispel any hooligans' hope for an episode. The Russian authorities are destroying the culture of the 'brainless'. Teams that caused the devastation two years ago are under surveillance and the threat of imprisonment is on their minds!

The hooligan leaders of every club in Russia face serious penalties if they are arrested for incidents during the World Cup. Even if they are not directly involved themselves, they know the consequences will be bad. "We're like ... hostages," admits a Russian fan.

Violence on the streets of Marseilles and on Euro stadiums was welcomed in Russia by…. jokes, while some officials praised the hooligans for their "accomplishments". Indeed, Putin called the battles "gloomy" and then questioned "how 200 Russian fans could hit several thousand Englishmen". Of course, during these two years, smiles froze when they saw that the phenomenon of hooliganism in the country was getting bigger and the training camps were increasing.

The Russian hooligans saw the World as a great opportunity for a "war", but they lost on the chessboard with their President. Alexander Spriggin ... played a decisive role in what happened in France and when he returned home he got the "message". Spriggin was arrested in a toilet a few months later, and has since stopped all activity ... just like his team. As he revealed, "The Russian Federal Security Service had a ... pre-emptive conversation with us."

Russia was not alone in the ... preventive talks, it made another matte move. World Cup tickets are… useless without the Fan ID (Russian Authorization with Owner details). The candidates are being checked by Russian security services, which have denied several thousand Russian fans the right to watch the World Cup and Confederations Cup games.

In particular, the authorities use a "large database" to exclude troublemakers from the stadiums and the result is impressive.

"We have done everything to ensure that guests, athletes, experts and, of course, fans will feel at home in Russia. We have opened our country and our hearts to the world.

Welcome to the World Cup. Welcome to Russia ”was Putin's message that leaves nothing to his luck…