Bicycling Shirt ...

PAOK is doomed to hunt the unique success of its history. Repeat last season's double. Heavy load required to carry it to the end. By the end of the end! Until the last game and the play-offs, which will follow the completion of the championship program. If, of course, the champion and cup winner can claim the mug until the last race.

It will be a historic success for PAOK if it only repeats the championship. He does not lose points in the event of losing the 2020 cup. Whatever the weight of the double, the next thing to do is hijack the team. Will it lose points today to the AAK against AEK, like last Sunday, when it equalized the 2-2 delays on Mars in Tuba?

The other team is claiming a goal, another, completely different under constant pressure to try to keep every fight away from last year's success.

The AEK. If it had not come from three consecutive wins, even two away, it is certain that with its wings broken, it would face PAOK debutant 7.30 tonight. In the run-up to the premiere, the defeat at home to Xanthi, AEK overcame it and with full psychology will only claim victory.

Is psychology just such a fight? And it's over! We saw it last Sunday in the same stadium. Panathinaikos' faith triumphed against the highest of all Olympic levels. Certainly good psychology brings the intended result, more, much more than any racing value.

And the coach of Olympiacos hesitated to make changes in the eleven, and that of PAOK. Finally, Martins' rotation yesterday in Karaiskakis became almost 50%. The same is expected, to a lesser degree, against AEK from Ferreira.

However, AEK will face PAOK, not exactly their players. The name of the opponents raises the thermometer of the match. The jersey of the two biceps, not who wears it, defines the magnetism of this particular derby.