Favorite Portsmouth… (FUND - 11,17)


Hello my friends. Return after a few days off and starting today with the Champions League playoffs and full schedule in Little England. To see what we stand out for today:

With his presence so far in the competition, PAOK has every right to dream of Champions League clubs, although Benfica is not related to last year's prone team to the gels. The Thessalonians have a homogeneous and quick reaction to the counter and will have their chances against the home side. However, the Eagles have the name, experience and power of Da Luz and we will not risk anything more than the obvious goal / goal.

In the 1 League, Portsmouth started off very strong and seems to be one of the favorites to rise to the Championship. Today's opponent Bristol Rovers is simply aiming to stay in the category and did not start the season well despite Saturday's win over weak Wilcom. I think Portsmouth is better, in shape, and will easily or hardly defeat the Pirates.

Oxford has made a tragic start due to its poor defensive performance and today will have a chance to get some points from moderate Accrington. The home side will necessarily open but their defense is certainly no guarantee. Expect a game with many goals.

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Benfica - PAOK
Oxford - Accrington
Bristol R. - Portsmouth

G / G
O 2.5