Fried orange ...

27-year-old Paul Mitchell, a Birmingham fan, bowed to the field (Sunday) and attacked the Aston Villa Grill. Today, he has been sentenced to 48 weeks in prison and 14 years in prison - with no 10 hours to prepare his apology and postponement due to hospital admission! Within just 24 hours they were finished with him ...

In other countries, especially where orange peas are grown, even for a publicly murdered person with camera phone pictures and the perpetrators boasting like gypsies, it took years of lawlessness to execute the law, and the case to be finalized. it still crawls the issue with many of the perpetrators not being substantially punished and 1-2 paying for their passions and dependencies by fully assuming a responsibility that is not theirs, not 100 %'s.

In addition, a referee was the victim of a deliberate assassination attempt - months before, not yesterday, yesterday - and the alleged perpetrators talked with the big club protagonists, with his administrative leader's environment, but not only did he not open his nose, but the perpetrators have already made a no-return trip to avoid capture.

In other news, a group of brainless, scarf-group criminals calling themselves fans and fighting (who asked for a devil?) For a team's honor, stormed into a female pole race and hit up a young opponent with special skills needed in a wheelchair. And this nonsense why? In response (!!!), as a retaliation for attacking rival 5 fans on a young female like-minded to rape her (!) And who, after the group rape did not bring them to anesthesia, stabbed her in the leg. One woman! The five men!

In Greece, the situation in sports (not just in football, in sports almost everything) has now gone out of control and any actions taken by the institutions come permanently after a holiday, fire or show, not preventive. Because it is convenient, some say, either for reasons of disorientation or for the expansion of the masses into secondary manifestations of social life. Either for both.

But what more to expect in a country where one team boss lounges on the pistol court, the other leader has 3-4 Pakistani mobile numbers to orchestrate the stench, another threatens the lives of referees and referees With him, a quarter is more picturesque than Caldera, and is it only because he owns the most fake television station in history?

You expect nothing at all. Just that. NOTHING!