Final 8….

Preparing a team to play football is simple. You want about a month of intense sports training, running to build fitness, exercises for muscle strengthening and a lot of other classes of preparation of the body, the body, to cope with a multi-month period of tension and stress at least once a week. Often 2, in fact for a series of weeks not one off. 

After the muscles are tightened from the intensity of the first month, a different type of training follows, not relaxed, but at rhythms that will allow the muscular skeleton to start working at higher rhythms without tightening. It is the period of the first games that we often hear the journalist say "the team is tight from the preparation". This. So the player starts working at a normal pace so that the player can come to an ideal condition without tightening from the intense preparation or relaxation from long periods of rest.

And we get to the start of the season. When all the teams want to have their roster as close as possible to the ones they will have in the full season. In the meantime, from the middle of the start of the friendlies and the exercises with the ball, the quality upgrade of the team game has been included in the program. The systems come in, the tactics, individual and team, the clubs work in football.

With the 219 words that precede and describe how the routine of each team that prepares unfolds, are we going to see something that you will find extremely interesting in sports, football instruction and valuable betting?

All the national teams, let's say Europe, had 9 to 12 months to play ball when they returned to the games in September. And in fact the preparation period that is usually summer, for many of them this year did not exist. The tournaments were completed all summer, some had ended in July and others in August, there had not even been a minimum rest period for the top players, with the teams that usually starring being in mid-August in the "bubbles" of Germany and Portugal for final 8 and the completion of the European cups!

And we reach September and October 2020, not even a year after the pandemic broke out. And it will come and. the "window" of November for national. And the players will be called to more or less crucial matches, without the proper rest, the proper preparation and the necessary progressive involvement in full rhythm of matches.

That is why it will be more normal than one can imagine the 3-3 of the Germans with the Swiss, the 1-0 of the decimated Ukrainians with the full Spain, the gels of the English, French, Portuguese and even worse the surprises of small or large size in matches of teams of equal or with smaller differences in capacity. Hurry up!