«First touch»

"Hames is not the fastest player in the world but he is a high quality player. It is very dangerous. I do not care about his physical condition. "If it had bothered me, I would have taken Usain Bolt, not Hames." Ancelotti's attack on the footballer who learned to manage him at Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, was typical of the way in which the Colombian can raise the level of Everton.

He is not the player who will be found in every length and width of the field, he will not "stun" opponents to cause cracks. The virtue of Hames lies in the first touch of the ball, there one can see the difference, a "godsend" quality that is difficult to replace. Hames' "first touch" resulted in every dribble and long ball he attempted, to score 11/14 passes in the last third of the court, in an efficiency index that is enough to demonstrate its added value to all the Candies .

For six years he had seen the Premier League world "rookie" finish the match with at least five final chances recorded in his creation. From Alexis Sanchez with Arsenal in the 2014/15 season, until Hames Rodrεςguez makes his debut.

Until Sunday's premiere, Hames had 78 league minutes to play in the entire 2020 season. Cup chores. However, his thirst to become important again, to play his simple, but so hard to find in Premier League teams game, pushed him to make a super-optimistic start, opening the chapter that can define the football heritage from the beginning. that he will leave behind.

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