Football Finance!

The record amount, which touches 30 billion euros, is costing the era of "Epirus" football, according to Football Finance's 28 annual review!

Specifically, the European market is valued at 28.4 billion and, as Deloitte Sports Business Group head Dan Jones said, "club football in Europe is the strongest financial position we have ever seen."

The top five European leagues (England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France) have record revenues compared to last season (2017/2018), as a result of new transfer agreements in Germany and increased revenue from UEFA to English clubs.

According to figures released by Deloitte, revenue in the five aforementioned leagues reached 16 billion (15.6 to be precise), an increase of 6% over the 2017 / 2018 season.

At the top is the Premier League, with the income of the clubs participating in the English championship increasing to 4.8 billion pounds, mainly due to the large sums they received from UEFA (for the first time 5 teams competed in the Champions League last season).

The German Bundesliga was reinforced by a new broadcasting contract, which allowed it to surpass the Spanish La Liga to become the second-largest revenue championship in the world.

The increased revenue is also reflected in the record of Premier League market activity as the wage / revenue ratio increased to 59% at 2017-2018.

From then on, Premier League operating profit declined by 16%, due to spending on transfers (reaching 867 million pounds, but still representing the second highest level of profit for a single season.