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Welcome to Tipsmaker.net, a purely football-betting site created by people who have served and still serve football. The panel is made up of people with long-term football ability (as players) but also a betting experience. Our philosophy of betting and of football in general is cold - objective - without prejudice and fanfare with valid information on a daily basis. The goal of all contributors who work daily on the site is solely for profit. We are not sick or sick of gambling simply because we are professional betting players. Football is our life. Each of us who make a bet makes his choices and is accountable to himself. We make no suggestions to anyone. Our job is to provide you with documented sports events with analyzes - statistics - estimates. The ultimate recipient and crete of all effort is YOU who are given the power to move forward.

Responsible game :


At Tipsmaker we support responsible betting and recommend moderation gambling. Visit www.kethea-alfa.gr for advice and support. DETAILS Alpha on 1114.