Batch time…

An obvious difference between the two teams. Day by night. Our opponent was holding the ball comfortably, our national indifferent taking possession. One inmate. The second prisoner, who defines the chaotic difference between the two groups, is the way Italy has developed. On the contrary, the Greek team lacks players and the ability of the whole team to create an even rudimentary organized menace to the opponent.

Italy has lagged behind in recent years. Big name, with world titles, but the cycle of lost orientations forced her to be excluded from the 2018 world. Today it looks to be ready to come back with claims in the showcase battle. That's about Italy. Greece;

Greece does not exist. She does not have a team, and the first to "declare" a game is her coach. In a home game, Angelos Anastasiadis played only not to lose. Maybe with the thought that he will not concede many goals, in case his plan does not work out.

Specifically. The national team started with eight (number 8) players in defense. With eight who had defensive duties. Coach Anastasiadis was completely indifferent to the attack. Three center backs, and two "pairs" at the ends of the defense. Right, Zeka back (!) Who would be assisted by the promoted Masoura. The left winger Stafilidis would be supported by Kolovos. This "defensive net" was intended to block Italy, which was expected to trouble the national team with its wings. As it happened.

Until it became 1-0 at 23, Greece controlled the bosses. The team, however, stepped on a tightrope on one side and on the other spoke the superiority of the opponent. The scorpion village was visible. With Fortounis… hidden center-forward. With Siova defensive… cutter. Fortunately, the goalkeeper Barkas saved the team from a much heavier team.

Remarkable. Pokotsis Angelos Anastasiadis used 14 internationals and not a PAOK player. What does this mean; No, of course, the champion does not have good points. Just 9 to 11 are usually aliens. By the way: Over 65% of the top 11 in the top five teams in the league are foreigners.