Forbes 2018…

It is true that the Greek agents can not yet be compared to their Portuguese colleagues. The latter have dominated the whole world, after all the second most successful in the Forbes list for 2018 (with agendas from all sports) is the "golden finger" Jorge Mendes. This, of course, has to do with the constant export of Portuguese footballers and coaches from all over the world. As well as the fact that Portugal is the crossroads for the Europe of Brazilian and African footballers, while it is the only European country where agendas can have property titles to players.

To return to our topic, there are some individual cases of Greek agendas involved in super deals - regardless of their own customers - even in markets such as Arabia, China and Russia where endless money is circulating and big daily wages are "broken". In fact, they prove to be competitive even when the Portuguese face them… The prologue necessary for our history, starring a Croatian coach Slaven Bilic. A few days ago, his agreement with Al Ittihad in Saudi Arabia became known.

Bilic with Jeddah's club signed 3-year contract that will bring him a total of about 23,5 million € !! That is, the former West Ham technician will have annual earnings of 7,8 million € ... The agendas behind this job are George Fougias with Dimitris Karydas, in collaboration with Bilic's brother! After all, in Al Ittihad they were the ones who had gone to 6 years ago and Laszlo Bolognese, after his term in PAOK.

The Saudis first wanted Mircea Lucecu, Razvan's father. Fugias - Coconut (the managers of the Romanian PAOK technician) tried to persuade him by pressing on the very good relationship of the former with the senior Lutsescu, but the latter was not enticed by the 14 million € for his 2 year contract. Itihad. He replied in the negative, preferring to continue in the National Turkey ...

Jeddah's second choice was Claudio Ranieri. 67 Former National Greece Voter and Leicester coach Nant disagreed, and eventually Saudi Arabia's top scorer was Slaven Bilic.

Barcelona record revenue!

Numbers like no one has ever seen before in world football, Barcelona announced, reaching a record income and approaching a shooting distance of 1 billion. The "blaugrana" give over 500 million in salaries! The Catalans, as it became known a few days ago, would cause fear by formalizing the financial data regarding the turnover and income for the 2018-2019 season, since the 960 million euros they presented, are a record in its history. sports!

It is worth noting that Barcelona's wages have now risen to 66%, which translates to 560 million and is being interpreted by the international press as a result of the renewal of Messi's contract and the new financial terms agreed. At the same time, the investment of 72 million into the Espai Barca project, including the renovation of the Camp Nou and the team's basketball court, Palau Blaugrana, was announced. Catalans aim to reach 1 billion in revenue by 2021!

The star of "Old Trafford"

The "Sun" describes a chaotic situation inside Manchester United with Jose Mourinho's relationship with Paul Pogba not being what both claim, that is, a good coach-player relationship. The scandalous Media, therefore, emphasizes that the Frenchman, world champion has expressed in his environment his willingness to leave Manchester next January. The star of "Old Trafford" has reportedly stated to his family that in United there is only room for one, so "… or I or he…" is the dilemma that the 25-year-old has presented.

As it is already known, Manchester is divided into a "camp" and Pogba's friends in the locker room know about the tendencies of flight that he has lately, having taken care to pass them on to people who will take them to the administration. All this is happening according to "Sun". But it also has παρακάτω This is another open front of Mourinho. The Portuguese, according to the English report, has "threatened" Alexis Sanchez to comply and show loyalty to the team, otherwise in January the doors will be wide open for his departure. Do not forget that the Chilean was a player who was personally chosen by "Special One" and is paid 600.000 euros per week!