Full attack on Wembley ...


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# On the eve of the relegation, Krylia let's look elsewhere for points ... bell 2 home away defeat by Zenit running 8 wins 9 last in all competitions makes championship has the upper hand and due to tradition.

# Record for Tottenham's 21b data. in 9 Premier League racing runs 6 wins in 7 matches follows heavy schedule he has to play 5 matches over 12 days ... unbeaten in the league since last April Manchester S. -Prince win over X- . Full attack on Wembley goals in the foreground.

# Rising favorite Malaga at home counts 5 series wins (xNUMX-8) while in the event of a win today it is peaking ... difficult for Numancia to overcome this seat.

# Pope the performance set is generally confused, so far 'stealing' results PAOK has defended his defensive landing unevenly in the match with the non-existent Vidi (0-2) ... Health and National Consciousness ... purely betting on the same pitch the teams will go out on the field and whoever can stand.

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Krylya - Zenit
Tottenham Man City
Malaga - Numancia

goal / goal


PAOK - Panathinaikos