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Africa Cup of Nations phase of "16"… 2η racing.

# In the red, Mauritania loses 3 times with its defense having been violated 8 times… at odds of 1,85 plus Angola (3 matches undefeated) stung the draw with Tunisia chases 2η position in the group.

# A vote of confidence in Rosenborg has lost ground easily scoring or is difficult to expect to find a target; an equally competitive team, Kristiasund has a pluralism scores regularly away from home.

# Holder of the title Cameroon started with the right the tournament was imposed relatively easily by Guinea with 2-0… one way the victory for Ghana will look for the goal from the locker room, otherwise it goes into adventure.

# The Uruguayan roster is full of quality and experience, if it goes to the semifinals today it will play against one of the Colombia-Chile… in mediocrity Peru ate a 5-footer from Brazil, it is difficult to exceed.

# In full performance, Benin's ace is in good momentum (2 defeats in 12 matches) makes a qualifying jump; Guinea will definitely look for the goal of honor in the group. 

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Mauritania - Angola
Uruguay - Peru
Benin - Guinea-Bissau


1005.98Stoiximan-100 qualifying.

Rosenborg - Kristiansund
Cameroon - Ghana

TG 2-3

1005.50Goalbet-100 qualifying.