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CL phase of "16" ... act B

Dragging Real Madrid's Combat Casino (1-4) is not just a brand name to win, you have to play ball. A football team model Ajax - by far the best team in the grass of Burnaby - has shown that he will go off the suitcase.

Summary for today's couples:

Fluent 2-1 of Roma's first match over Roma leaves open accounts for today's rematch, mistakenly costing the set set to give Porto a lead ... in bad momentum both teams have a tendency to look over- This implies.

Full roster Paris showed consistency in Manchester took a clear victory with 2-0 is with the… half leg in the semifinals of the event. There is little chance of qualifying for United since it has been difficult to reverse the situation.

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Porto - Rome
PS.G - Man U.

TG 2-3
TG 2-3