"Poor relatives"

Heracles Thessaloniki does not crowd a stadium. Panionios and Apollo themselves. Aris Thessaloniki has such a huge fanbase that it will play on the court in spectacular courtyard. The size of each group's popular base gives the measure its limits. Historically, then, PAOK is wrong with itself, its displacement, because it lacks titles, as many as its proponents.

Specific things. Since 1926, the fourth most popular team in the country, after Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, AEK, has won only two championships. In 1976 and 1985. Poor report. Disappointing. It makes him in the category of "poor relative". Yes, it belongs, only because of the thousands of Paoktsids, to the so-called "big teams", but it has a disadvantage in winning championships.

The cup does not weigh the cubic, the special weight of a group. Panionios, Kastoria and OFI will take the cup, but History does not treat them as competitors of Olympic, Panathinaikos, AEK.

PAOK took the cup six times (1972, 1974, 2001, 2003, 2017, 2018). PAOK is not even proud of its presence in Europe, which launched 1965, when there was no electricity in Tuba.

Atromitos and Panionios in order to ... change their place in History will need to win at least five consecutive leagues. Otherwise they will continue to fight on empty stands. As for PAOK, the one that has already secured the third championship in almost a century, it says nothing. PAOK needs a second, maybe a third, to change class. To get to the volume of his followers.

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