Fuerza Maestro…

The image of Uruguayan coach Oscar Tambares walking hard on crutches is shared by millions of football fans, especially now with Mundial. But just 1-2 at 100.000 can tell you what it's like to have this syndrome that annoys Maestro of Celeste. Neurological condition of the body which is essentially wrong and attacks the upper and lower extremities. 8% dies. I had said it before Mundial started. This year I support Uruguay for him.

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Guillain-Barré has been hitting him in the Tabarets for some years now, but he immediately made it clear he was not going to give up and that he would continue to train "as long as my mind works". His is also the mind of Uruguay, who has not had to show how tough he can be, has impressed with defense and attack and is the only one to have conceded just one goal. Maestro has two terms less than 200 games with Celeste, won the 2011 Copa America, and reached the semifinals of the World Cup a year ago. In Russia, in his 71, he is the oldest on the bench and having reached the 95 wins he wants to become the second, after Joachim Lev, who goes to a three-digit number with a National.

Tampares knows what he's got, but he's there without letting Guillain-Barré bend over. "There are days I'm better than others. There are those I can walk on my own, but some others don't. " During the Anniversary Copa America he couldn't even use crutches and had to drive a golf cart.

With a quick glance at what he says at the press conferences, you can easily see that he almost always has a separate aptitude to give, and he responded when asked about Portugal's defensive style. "There is often the mistaken conclusion that possession gives you the opportunity to create more opportunities, but it is not the case. I learned this in Italy when I was working there, ”he said after the 2-1 meeting with Ronaldo's company. In Cavani's second goal, the image of Maestro trying to stand on his feet to celebrate was not just shocking, it was a lesson in life.

In addition to the thought and positive energy of one person, Uruguay has come to show everyone that they have every reason to fear it. Half-phase can be a goal, defense can withstand aggressive classes and in four matches the block has only one yellow. According to an article by Jonathan Wilson, Tambares has written on a wall of his Montevideo home. "You have to be tough without losing your tenderness." Fuerza Maestro.

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