And the cements are laughing…

The most productive championship of the decades has already begun. Greece, Superleague we will say and weep. There is not what we are going to experience this year, you already got a look yesterday at the premiere and Pelle's mother cried. No;

A championship with more 14 teams for greater competition, a championship that, in order to escape the suspicion, grunt and myrrh that has been popping the game for decades, was decided by the first left, Ivan, Vangelis and I, for the first time in the VAR History.

You know, VAR didn't even have the premiere of England. The champion of countless millions. Not even the Champions League, where the annual budget of a not-so-small state is played every year. And it was decided to get a helping hand from technology. And at the same time, along with the big football events it was decided to get VAR and Greece. And the cements are laughing…

And the championship in Lamia starts yesterday. First match, first phase, hand-penalty that Karapapas would give first referee with assistants Kyrgiakos-Dimatos. And VAR doesn't even instruct the referee to take a look at the screen. And the phase in the replay catches our eye for a very obvious hand, even an extended body extension without the suspicion of being involuntary. And the "roommate" doesn't even invite the crow to see it. You're playing, he tells you!

You do not know if he was in the "come on baby is not, let's not miss the match from the first crook" or if at that time VAR was just stuffed with a pituitary and tiger in his mouth and so he could not say in time something. And then, until he drank three sips of bones, his mouth was rinsed off, the phase passed.

What do you mean we don't gloss over it? WE DO NOT DO ANYTHING. The VAR dude and his company were also unlucky. Half an hour pregnant and the camera connects to the room at midnight, as she enters the room with one foot in the Deliverer and delivers my dumplings and potato pancakes to the familiar box. Or even straws and peppers. It matters little. We are talking about the beginning of a race, it takes francs to hammer, to see, to interrupt. And he waits for Delivera to bring three onions without the onion. And in the first phase he sleeps upright and does not even invite the ref to see the phase. What are you doing?

At first Karaiskakis also fell for the first misconception that in Greece VAR and XVAR will become mollusks. A clean pull on the jersey, everyone in the dunk saw. And he told VAR to whistle to check the penalty shoot-out. And there is Koumbarakis's creek, and he sees a hole in the water and shows you're playing. And all of Greece sees a pull-and-shoot!

Explaining the Greek conspiracy theorist: VAR's plans are ERT's. Which ERT always comes under the government's finger. Which government has changed and is now right and not left. And her boss, the government, the kobar brother of the whore (one is the whore). And in the first game, instead of the shot-and-shoot shot, Koumbarakis gets shots from Bokoli.