For Men… (FUND - 2,82)


Hello my friends,

We have now reached the final straight of the World Cup, where it will now appear who really are ... men. Action is also underway in Ireland, where we will give three points.

Uruguay and France are two teams to score, they have a very strong offensive and defensive line, the Uruguayers are lagging behind in the midfield. But now I don't believe that technique will count as much as power.

They are two teams, considered by the big favorites to win the trophy. Brazil and Belgium are two teams to score but have relatively difficult goals. It will be a nice game and fast, with goals and spectacle.

With different goals for each team, with Cork chasing the championship and Shamrock going to Europe. In addition to this, Cork has the advantage of a seat.

In the previous game between the two teams, Derry passed "air" with 0-3. Limerick may have won the previous game, but I don't think they have any hopes, since they also play away from home.

On the way to the title, Dundalk, I believe, will pass through the headquarters of St. Patricks. The hosts come from six consecutive victories, while the guests have an uninterrupted "appointment" with the victory, for ten games now. Also in the game of the first round, Dundalk… dissolved St. Patricks with 5-0!


Uruguay - France
Brazil - Belgium

Under 2,5
Over 2,5


Cork City - Shamrock Rovers
Derry City - Limerick
St. Patricks - Dundalk