For low stakes ...


Good evening my friends,

For low stakes today, tomorrow has the zoom. For now we are finally expecting a second win for Fenerbahce where he is in immediate danger.

Fenerbahce came from an important victory, defeated Malatyaspor 3-2 at home and took a significant score "breath". Goztepe has two consecutive defeats in 2019, now he is looking down as he is only at +4 from the relegation zone. Fenerbahce does not have two consecutive victories in the championship this year, we believe it will succeed against the weak away home of Geztepe (2-0-8).

One of the good teams in the category, Paris, is solid in defense, claims the rise with claims, although it has a low budget, is consistently in the positions of the playoffs. It is possible at home with 6-3-1. Orleans started out "numb" this season, but has won six games in a row between the seventh and twelfth games and is comfortable with staying. Paris is superior on its field, it can win.

Ronda has been impressive in 2019, scoring at will, 2-1-0 in three games in a row having 11-5 goals! Almirée continues to have negative results, has had 6 defeats in a row, has always received 2 + goals and has been hit 21 times in that series. Very likely the ace delivers performance if combined with over 2.5.

Significantly improved upon re-launch is De Graafsap, broken into 5-1 by Fortuna Sitchard at home and lost unjustly to 0-2 by Exselor. Brenda is out of existence and has to win away from her stadium since last March. The two worst teams in the league are playing, it is crucial to stay on the bench, based on Brenda's away performance and the improvement of De Graafsap to ace.


Fenerbahce - Goztepe
Roda JC Kerkrade - Almere City FC
Paris FC - Orleans



De Graafschap - NAC Breda
Roda JC Kerkrade - Almere City FC

1 & O 2.5