For strong nerves…


Completely different culture other football… main features strength and a lot of running in the Africa Cup of Nations all the matches until the final fall.

Phase of "16"… 2η racing.

# Beginners in the tournament Magadaskari and Burundi are far from victories in the last 5 whoever wins today gains a qualifying advantage;

# A pair for strong nerves Senegal - Algeria is probably expected to be judged marginally and in the goal; both come from a demarcation of positive results prevailed in the idle against Tanzania and Kenya respectively with the same score (2-0).

# All open in Kenya - Tanzania qualification through 3th The teams are looking for a position with whatever that entails; they have an issue offensively, they do not score even with an own goal.


Madagascar - Burundi
Senegal - Algeria
Kenya - Tanzania

goal / goal
TG 2-3
during 2,5

1007.92Stoiximan-100 qualifying.