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CL phase of 16… knockout matches.

# Atletico M. is not steadily pressing (1 victory in 4 matches) lost the match with Levante inside is at +3 from Real M. with more matches. Tight in the UcL counts 10/12 under finished 2nd in the group behind Bayern M.… 5th in PL Chelsea completed the process in the group first and undefeated, now moving under the instructions of Tuhel does not easily concede the goal. In any case, Felix-Suarez is expected to do their job.

# Lazio ready for overcoming after 13 years returned to the UCL groups is with the knife in the teeth against German teams maintains the tradition in its favor (7-1-1)… 1 defeat in the last 27 in the institution Bayern M. certainly not went for tourism in Rome. Any time Lewandowski is the bird.


Atletico M. - Chelsea
Lazio - Bayern M.

during 2,5


Joao felix
Luis Suarez
Robert Lewandovski

any time
any time
any time