For 5 at 5…

Olympiacos scores on the 90 fly and grabs another three-pointer after the 12h hour. One thief, they say, two thief, three and his bad day. Do we play with proverbs? Wrong, sir. Proverbs carry the truth. Wisdom of the people. Which means it's the third time on the program, but from the reverse. To lose Olympiacos in the delays, as Asteras and Panionios did. And maybe the damage is done by PAOK!

Let's take the conversation seriously. If you ask me what I was left with from Panionios-Olympiakos, I have the pocket in my pocket. You know, all the bunches of diamonds hiding, the truths that drive the prediction, they influence it decisively sometimes. Well. Olympiacos players are still foreign, when they can identify with the jersey and the platform. With Hassan's goal on 92, they made me crazy. Quirky, because it didn't look like a theater. As if they won the editorial lottery. As if they got the final in the World Cup. So they wanted the victory in Nea Smyrna.

With 4 in 4, it will be very difficult for PAOK to bring them down from the top. Not that "2" is not in, we just note how much the psychology of the home team in Karaiskaki subsidizes the redemption of 0-1 in 92. How much does the need not to let the game with PAOK work be judged at the end.

Something else. We, the old series, grew up with the years when the "big ones", and I am referring especially to Olympiakos and Panathinaikos, were fear and terror, even in games that did not work out for them. They were twisted. You could see red and green being dirt, spitting, but when they "downloaded" the place stinked of the thick ones that were leaving the stands. Panic, maybe the beast will wake up and with a couple of phases only to take their game.

So is. She was a source of excitement even when the big team was at the bottom of it, because it was characterized by the "conquest". Perceived. The conqueror is a bad puss. Beast. You play with him on his own terms. The caribou left his cafe, his company, his job, his chick, his family and set out to conquer foreign lands, unknown peoples. If necessary, in case he finds resistance, he is able to drown the enemy with his men, after he has disemboweled him.

Today, the small group will catch the big cape if it shakes it. Olympiacos, AEK and PAOK, football forces of the left and of progress but ... an anti-mammon syringe, today claiming first, but lacking the armament of the great team of the previous season.