For the bronze medal…


Small World Cup Final ... the first is everything second.

Sportingbet: Now the game ... takes another level!

# Match parade in Belgium - England no one wanted to win 1-0 finally ended ... today's game is motivated by 3η the position and the bronze metal however the possibility of changes on both sides greatly blurs the situation. Comparatively a click on quality Belgium makes more final goals more often ... predictable team England bet in the rebounding stages looking for classic centrals in the region to pierce. in any case we go for an open game with goals and spectacles.

Regularly on Saturday's main picks:

# Defensively Fortaleza is at -2 from top to bottom Receiving a relatively easy goal ... undefeated in the last 4 except Atletico Goianense has counted 3 consecutive wins scoring in the 8 / 9 last match.

# With good performance at its headquarters, New York (9-1-0 x25-4) is on the rise again scoring in a satisfactory tempo ... 3 defeat to Columbus in four away games.

# New York's recent defeat puts a four-game winning streak for Montreal at margin at three-point range for obvious reasons ... without 9 win San Jose lacks quality of contact


Belgium - England

goal / goal


Fortaleza - Atletico GO
New York City - Columbus
Montreal - San Jose

goal / goal