For the hexagon… (TAMEIO - 4,05)


UeL group stage… 4η racing.

# With zero points, Astana "runs" 10 consecutive over in the championship and Europe scores as much as possible; from the acquired speed, Alkmaar wins 3 times while with a victory in Kazakhstan it "cleans" the qualification.

# Lazio have a good run in the championship (3 consecutive wins 8-2), the rematch against the Celtics is a one-way street; the prices in the Celtic double are particularly challenging, counting only 2 defeats in 30 official and friendly matches.

# With the absolute record at UeL this year, Feyenoord have not conceded a goal at home; the leader of the group, Young Boys, is constantly scoring inside and out.

# Divided in each case Wolfsburg - Genk (5 points each) first point the draw accompanied by goals.

# Unbeknownst to them, Wolfsberger is going to surprise the group; in the last 1 games, Basaksehir conceded a goal on 11/6, except for the third goal of the match.

# Braga has taken the lead in the group, he is in shape, he will run for the six-pointer against the Turks; Besiktas has moved a handkerchief, he is doing chores in the tournament, as evidenced by the 3 defeats with a goal ratio (3-7).


Astana - Alkmaar
Wolfsburg - Ghent
Braga - Besiktas

goal / goal


Lazio - Celtic
Feyenoord - Young Boys
Wolfsberger - Basaksehir

goal / goal
goal / goal

1005.82Sportingbet-100 qualifying.